Caregivers and Beneficiaries

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Don’t be burdened by financial matters.

Leave the stress associated with administering representative payee services to the trained and trusted professionals at CrissCross.

Choosing the right representative payee, whether by choice or as required by the benefits provider, is a critical step in securing beneficiaries’ overall financial success, which is why it is no surprise that roughly 85 percent of representative payees are family members.

Close family and friends play the most important roles in the lives of loved ones needing payee services. At CrissCross, our job is to provide support to caregivers, so they can focus on their most important priority — providing love and emotional support to their loved ones at a time in which they need it the most.

With CrissCross, representative payee participants have access to the following program benefits:

  • A knowledgeable advisor available to help with gaining a complete understanding of programs and services included with provided SSA, disability and pension benefits, and assistance with the application process
  • Ongoing one-on-one assistance with budgeting and financial goal setting
  • Assistance in gaining non-program benefits through referral sources available to assist with food, subsidized housing, medical and prescription drug assistance, and more
  • A qualified liaison trained to negotiate more favorable terms with landlords and creditors on behalf of beneficiaries and caregivers
  • Assistance working directly with retailers and specialty vendors to help with major discretionary purchases

CrissCross is approved and qualified to manage all required payee responsibilities:

  • Manage monthly bills and other financial responsibilities successfully
  • Track and record all expenditures and provide timely and accurate monthly expense reports
  • Establish interest-bearing accounts on behalf of participating beneficiaries, and make funds available for future needs
  • Manage all reporting requirements as required by the benefits program
  • Assist with gaining access to necessary medical treatment
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