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Help your clients get the payee services they deserve.

Partner with CrissCross and take pride in knowing that you’re doing your part to ensure the protection of your client’s beneficiary benefits, as well as their overall financial stability.

The number of beneficiaries needing representative payee services has grown by more than 20 percent over the past decade. In addition to this rapidly growing population, concerns with identifying appropriate representative payees and the long-term challenges with administering the program also continue to increase.

CrissCross can help!

Through an expanding network, infrastructure, and connections to industry-leading resources, CrissCross provides a unique and unprecedented experience for both our clients and benefit providers.

To meet the changing needs and unique circumstances of beneficiaries in need, CrissCross is committed to continually looking for opportunities to expand its service offerings and provide valuable tools and resources designed to improve the experience and overall success for representative payee program participants.

CrissCross’ representative payee program includes:

  • Trustworthy, reputable, and experienced payee caseworkers
  • Personalized case management and accountable oversight
  • Modern technology, including electronic debit cards and online support
  • Access to third-party products and services through our retail voucher program
  • Dedicated phone access to CrissCross specialists for referral partners
  • Accurate reporting through single reports designed to accommodate compliance

In addition, CrissCross strives to build upon its long-standing relationships with the Social Security Administration, Veterans Affairs, pension boards, public service organizations, and other community groups, and works to serve as a trusted partner to help ensure the long-term success and effectiveness of representative payee programs. Our caseworkers work closely with referral partners and benefit providers to ensure payee service responsibilities are performed in the most accurate and effective manner.

Partner with CrissCross and help your clients get the payee services they deserve.

To learn more about CrissCross and its representative payee program and services, or to become a referring partner, contact a CrissCross specialist at 1-866-380-9708.

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